The Gold standard

Gold Leaf Consulting Limited (“Gold Leaf”) is a leading financial regulatory and compliance consultancy firm with its head office in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”). Our clients comprise of a wide cross-section of entities, including trust companies operating globally; international banks; law firms; and family offices. We are entrusted with the responsibility for providing robust and pragmatic regulatory solutions and to ensure that our clients comply with their regulatory obligations.


We understand our clients’ business

With close to two decades of cumulative experience, the Gold Leaf team understands the business operations of financial institutions. It is this understanding of business that distinguishes Gold Leaf from other compliance outfits and allows us to design effective compliance and regulatory solutions for our clients.


Bespoke solutions designed to suit our clients’ needs

Our aim is to assist clients with navigating the myriad of regulatory obligations and to ensure that they remain one step ahead. The Gold Leaf Solution allows clients to focus on growing their business and developing innovative products whilst we safeguard their reputations.